An Approachable Attorney With Solid Business And Financial Knowledge
An Approachable Attorney With Solid Business And Financial Knowledge

Helping You Make Smart Decisions For Your Business

Before you negotiate a transaction on your own, it is critical to have the matter reviewed by an experienced business lawyer who can help you anticipate potential pitfalls. There are infinite ways that a contract can be breached, and there are infinite ways that a transaction can go wrong, negatively impacting your business and costing you money. The best way to protect your interests is proactively. Think ahead and work with an experienced attorney who can help you prevent problems before they arise.

At the Rybicki Law, in Caddo Mills, Texas, attorney Klint Rybicki saves his clients money by preventing litigation before it happens – by putting legal protections in place, properly negotiating and drafting contracts, and considering all the options before encouraging clients to sign.

He assists in a full range of business transactions, including:

  • Buying or selling a business
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Franchise agreements
  • Development and division of properties
  • Contracts for goods and services
  • Closing a business

Get Legal Counsel Now To Prevent Problems Down The Road

If you are engaging in a transaction that is likely to have a significant impact on your business, it is important to seek your own legal counsel. You need someone who knows the law and who can draft a new contract or review an existing one, someone who can negotiate on your behalf to get you the most favorable outcome possible. At the Rybicki Law, these are the services attorney Rybicki provides for business leaders in Texas and throughout the United States.

Contact the firm by calling 469-998-1877 for a free and confidential consultation. Attorney Rybicki is accessible for evening and weekend appointments as needed. He is known to give clients his personal cellphone number when time-sensitive transactions are pending. He represents clients throughout the DFW metroplex. Credit cards are accepted.