An Approachable Attorney With Solid Business And Financial Knowledge
An Approachable Attorney With Solid Business And Financial Knowledge

The Legal Matters Involving Your Commercial And Residential Real Estate

When you are faced with the challenges of entering into a real estate transaction, you will want a lawyer’s guidance. You must be in accordance with the rules and regulations regarding real estate. In addition, you should be aware of the rights that protect individuals as well as owners. Consult an attorney for your real estate legal matters.

Look to a lawyer committed to helping Texas clients make the most of their real estate interests. When you choose to consult Rybicki Law Firm, PLLC, about your real estate legal matters, attorney Klint Rybicki will take the time to truly understand your objectives. He will assess each aspect of your case to offer you sound legal guidance and representation every step of the way.

Protect Your Interests In Your Real Estate Transactions

Any real estate investment, purchase or sale is a big financial step. The array of documents that may be necessary to complete a lawful real estate sale or purchase can be intimidating for any nonlawyer. Attorney Klint Rybicki’s legal training, knowledge of consumer protection laws and experience handling high-value transactions enable him to deal effectively with:

  • Residential and commercial closings
  • Drafting of contracts for deed, deeds, purchase agreements and other documents that meet all legal requirements and protect you from future problems
  • Zoning, easements, restrictive covenants and other aspects of land use law
  • Adverse possession and other disputes involving title and ownership, including those concerning farming or ranching land
  • Landlord compliance issues and homeowners association (HOA) matters

In some cases, the most important move you make when striving to protect your interests or clear a legal hurdle is the decision to work with an energetic, creative and detail-focused attorney. Consult a lawyer for a review of your real estate matters today.

Focused On Proactive Landlord Solutions

When you are a landlord, you want your real estate concerns handled efficiently and effectively. Landlords simply cannot afford to have a property sit idle and not collect income. Tenants are granted a number of rights when it comes to occupying rental property. However, as a property owner, you have certain rights as well.

As a Dallas landlord rights attorney, Klint Rybicki represents rental property owners throughout the greater Dallas area. He provides skilled representation in a variety of matters, including issues pertaining to state and federal housing law compliance, evictions or breach of contract actions. With the ability to adapt to a variety of situations, he can help you keep your real estate investment producing cash flow in a timely fashion.

Experienced Help With Evictions

Few things are more frustrating than a tenant who is unwilling or unable to pay but refuses to vacate the property. It is also a bad situation when a tenant breaches the term of the lease yet willfully ignores your requests to leave the premises. When these situations occur, it is necessary to bring an eviction action. Having an experienced lawyer on your side to guide you through the process can help ensure that this gets done efficiently and effectively within the letter of the law that protects tenants’ rights. Rybicki Law Firm, PLLC, can help you with:

  • The notice to vacate
  • Filing of the complaint
  • Represent you in hearings or in negotiation
  • Assist with lockouts

Your rental and leased property is often your lifeblood. That is why attorney Rybicki will work tirelessly to resolve your tenant issues as quickly as possible so you can continue generating income. We will also seek all relevant damages for lost income or property damage you have incurred. You can rest assured that we will diligently represent your interests every step of the way.

Cost-Effective Problem-Solving For Clients Throughout The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

If you are a property owner in need of legal counsel and advice or representation, call Rybicki Law Firm, PLLC, in Caddo Mills at 469-998-1877 for a free consultation to learn more about quality legal representation at an affordable and competitive rate. You can also initiate a consultation by filling out this online contact form.