Your Defense In Spousal Maintenance In The Event Of Divorce

During your divorce proceedings, your ex-spouse may request alimony from you to support their lifestyle in your absence. Alimony will not be awarded until the final court hearing. You will have some time to dispute your ex-spouse’s request. With an attorney guiding your steps you can make a claim to prevent your ex-spouse from receiving spousal support.

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Will I Have To Pay Alimony After The Divorce Is Final?

Whether you will have to pay alimony or not can be determined by you and your ex-spouse in mediation or it can be determined by the court.

In mediation, you and your ex-spouse can determine and agree on the amount of alimony you will pay. If you wish to avoid alimony altogether, you can also offer additional assets that you may have been granted or agreed upon during the division of property.

If you are unable to come to an agreement, your ex-spouse may take you to court for alimony.

Once your ex-spouse has filed a request for alimony you should:

  • Keep up with their relationship status
  • Find proof that your ex-spouse does not need the money they requested
  • Provide proof that your ex-spouse was abusive during your relationship
  • Prove that your ex-spouse was at fault for the divorce.

Having the evidence that refutes their request may determine if you will have to pay alimony or not. Retaining a knowledgeable lawyer who can guide you through the legal investigative process will be beneficial to your case.

How Alimony Will Be Determined In Texas

In addition to your ex-spouse having to prove eligibility of alimony, the state of Texas has put a cap on how much a spouse may receive per month. The duration of your marriage also determines how much your ex-spouse may receive and for how long they may receive it. The use of determination factors varies case by case, and you will want to consult an attorney about the details of your specific case.

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