Divorce Cases Involving High Assets

Your divorce case is a lengthy process that can be more complicated when high assets are involved. When it comes to property division the state of Texas is a community property state that may require you to split everything 50-50 with your ex-spouse. Property and debt may be easier to split but issues may arise when it comes to your retirement plans, retirement home, investments and home equity. Set yourself up with a strong defense by consulting a lawyer to help you resolve your issues.

Our attorney at Rybicki Law Firm, PLLC, will offer you honest advice about your case. You can trust that we will cover the details of your specific case to provide you with customized solutions for your legal issues.

How Will We Divide The Other Assets?

Anything that is considered marital property in Texas will be divided 50-50. This includes: retirement plans, retirement homes, other property, investments and home equity.

Instead of dividing everything 50-50, you and your ex-spouse have the option of agreeing on different terms. They may accept a proposal of having their fair share of a retirement account or home equity in the form of another asset. As you may agree on different terms, it is important to have those agreements outlined in a divorce decree to avoid future litigation on the same matter.

High-asset divorce cases are handled more efficiently with a lawyer representing you. To protect yourself from losing more than you should, you will want to discuss your specific case with an attorney.

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