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What You Should Know About Divorce

For however common divorce seems to be these days, no two cases will be exactly the same, and while many people may give you advice about what to do and what not to do, the only advice worth having is that of an experienced lawyer.

At Rybicki Law Firm, PLLC, we focus on finding creative solutions that protect your interests while minimizing the stress of the divorce process on you and your children. The following are important factors you should keep in mind about divorce in Texas.

Dividing Property Equally Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Dividing It 50-50

The court has a lot of leeway when it comes to dividing marital property in Texas. For those who cannot agree on the division of property, the court will divide the marital estate in a way that is reasonable and fair given a variety of factors. It is our job to help you determine what that means in the context of your marriage and the financial obligations you will now have.

Don’t Forget About Marital Debt

Like bank accounts, your marital home and other possessions, the court will also require you to divide all debts accumulated during the marriage. This includes your mortgage or second mortgage, credit card debts and personal loans you may have taken out together. As with the division of your other marital property, we will vigorously protect your right to a division of debt that is fair and reasonable.

Alimony Is Not A Given, But Child Support Is

Alimony, also known as spousal maintenance in Texas, is never guaranteed in a divorce. It is usually only granted in very specific circumstances such as if one spouse has been convicted of domestic violence or the marriage has lasted for at least 10 years. Child support, on the other hand, will always be a factor in your divorce if you have children. Our attorney can help you anticipate these costs for the future so there are no surprises once your decree is finalized.

Temporary Support Can Help You Get The Legal Advice You Deserve

Some people hesitate to file divorce because of the costs of hiring an attorney, particularly if their spouse has always been the one who takes care of the finances. Under Texas divorce law, however, you may file an order for temporary support while working through the details of the divorce. This ensures spouses who feel disenfranchised financially can still protect their rights during the process. Temporary orders can also be set up to handle living arrangements, child custody and other factors while the divorce is pending.

Get Experienced Help To Navigate Your Divorce

The divorce process may seem like a simple matter of signing some documents in movies, but anyone who has been through it knows it is anything but simple. Schedule a free consultation with our lawyer by calling 469-951-8765 to talk through your concerns today. From our office in Farmersville, we represent families and individuals throughout the DFW metroplex.