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Are You Seeking Financial Assistance From Your Ex-Spouse For Your Child?

Whether you are in the process of a divorce or a single parent seeking child support, you will want the assistance of an attorney. The request for child support is a complicated legal process that will involve the court system. Having a knowledgeable lawyer by your side will prove to be beneficial for your understanding and your case.

Our attorney at Rybicki Law Firm, PLLC, is a dedicated and experienced family law lawyer who will provide you with honest legal counsel. We know that your case must be handled in a timely fashion, which is why we are available to you when needed.

How Is Child Support Awarded?

Generally, the noncustodial parent will be the one to make child support payments. It must first be proven that the other parent is the paternal parent of the child. After paternity has been established, you will need to create a court order.

Your child support court order will identify the parties involved, outline the amount of child support to be paid based upon the paying parent’s income, how the support will be paid, and penalties for nonpayment.

How Child Support Is Calculated In Texas

In the state of Texas, child support is calculated based upon the income of the paying parent. If their average net monthly income is $7,500 or less, then child support would be:

  • 20 percent for one child
  • 25 percent for two children
  • 30 percent for three children
  • 35 percent for four children
  • 40 percent for five children

If the net monthly income is more than $7,500, then the court may determine that child support should be increased. In some cases, the paying parent may have other children, if that applies to your case then the percentage of support may decrease.

Contact a lawyer to discuss the specific details of your case and determine your possible outcomes.

Ensure That Your Child’s Needs Are Met With The Help Of A Child Support Attorney

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