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I Need To Make Changes To My Child Custody Agreement And I Do Not Know Where To Begin

When you need to make changes to your child custody agreement the first thing you should do is identify the reason for the modification. The acceptance of a modification request will depend upon the need for the changes in conjunction with the child’s best interest. Once you have identified the purpose for making changes, you will want to contact an attorney to help you build your case.

Our attorney at Rybicki Law Firm, PLLC, is an experienced litigator who will present your case to the court in an effective manner. Our attorney will support you through each step of your case until a desirable outcome is reached.

Child Custody Modifications Can Only Be Made When Necessary

The approval for a child custody modification request made in Texas is hard to obtain. Your original child custody agreement was finalized with the child’s future in mind. When you make the modification request you are asking the same court to review and accept your proposed changes.

The court will again take into account the child’s best interest and how the modification may affect them. The approval or denial of your request may also depend on the reason for your request. If your reason is to keep your child away from the other parent, and they are not neglectful or abusive, then the request will be denied. General grounds for a child custody modification request include:

  • You or your ex-spouse have remarried, a change in the ability of a parent to care for your child, either parent commits a crime etc.
  • Your child wants to make a request for themselves, and they are at least 12 years old
  • The custodial parent has voluntarily placed your child in someone else’s care for at least six months, not including military duty time
  • Custodial relinquishment

It is difficult to gain approval from the court for any type of child custody modification request, which is why you will want an attorney from the onset of your case. Your lawyer will know how to convey your case in a way that will increase the likelihood of an approval.

An Attorney Who Is Focused On Your Case

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