Domestic violence does not always begin overnight. For those who have never experienced domestic abuse, they often have a specific idea of what it looks like. Domestic abuse does not always start out with outright violence, but it can progress. To catch your Texas spouse or partner as an abuser early on may protect you in the future.

According to WebMD, the abuse begins slowly and turns violent as soon as you have no support system. One of the biggest signs that you are in an abusive relationship is whether you are afraid of your spouse. In a healthy relationship, you should not be afraid to speak your mind, to approach certain topics or to ever say no to any request.

An abusive partner may bully you; he or she will try to exact control over all aspects of your life, including how you dress. He or she may accuse you of things you have not done and threaten to hurt you or others that you care for. As part of his or her control, he or she may control your finances. You may have an allowance or you may have to explain all of your purchases. Some partners may restrict your spending, even when it comes to basic needs.

A major red flag occurs if your partner begins to isolate you. Isolating behavior may not be obvious at first. He or she may monitor you, he or she may find ways to make you want to avoid your friends and family or force you to ask if it is okay.

The above information is meant to inform on domestic abuse. It is not legal advice.