In recent years, social media has become a major factor in nearly all aspects of American life, including divorce. Often, when people go through a big life change, one of the first things they want to do is to tell their friends and followers about it on social media. However, social media can be a very dangerous place for people going through a divorce.

Texas has a no-fault divorce law, and most divorces are settled without having to prove that one spouse did anything wrong. Still, even in a relatively amicable no-fault divorce, it can complicate settlement negotiations when someone posts a photo of one of the spouses online, showing them going on an expensive vacation or cavorting with new romantic partners.

Divorce lawyers often will look up their clients and their clients’ exes on social media to learn more about them, and if they find something that looks bad for the other side, they can and probably will use it for the benefit of their client.

Social media posts and photos can sometimes be used as evidence that one spouse is illegally concealing assets. In some difficult child custody cases, people have used an ex’s social media posts as evidence to argue that the ex is an unfit parent.

It’s understandable that people going through an emotional event like a divorce will need to vent their feelings, but people going through a divorce should have a serious talk with their attorney about the risks involved. A good attorney can address a client’s concerns about social media and advise them on the best ways to protect themselves and their interests online.