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What happens to property in Texas divorces?

You have worked hard to earn assets for yourself and your family, but now that you and your spouse are divorcing, you may worry that your hard work might have been in vain. If you have your heart set on keeping a particular asset or two, it may be helpful to understand how assets are typically divided in Texas divorces.

Protective orders and domestic violence

Many times in the practice of family law, two people have to sit at a table with their lawyers and reach an agreement over how to divide their property or their parental responsibilities. Once married, or otherwise together in a romantic relationship, the two have now gone their separate ways. It can be an uncomfortable situation, but it's usually for the best if they can come together to discuss important matters.

Courts weigh unusual issues in divorce agreements

Prenuptial agreements can make decisions in advance about many issues, but they used most often to decide questions of property division. This is also the case in postnuptial agreements, which are signed after the couple has already been married. Rather than dividing the community property according to the dictates of Texas law, the married couple gets to decide in advance how to divide their assets through an agreement they signed before the divorce.

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